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  • Item #: 1103TS
  • Manufacturer: THOM SANSOUCIE
THOM SANSOUCIE (Pronounced - TOM SAN-SUE-SEE) CAR ENTHUSIAST, DESIGNER, ARTIST After restoring his 1965 Corvette this New Hampshire based graphic designer stumbled into the automotive scene with a line of customized trading cards called "Flash Cards". Shortly after came customized car show boards called "Flash Boards" [www.showboards.com]. Thom realized he needed another product for his "off-season" so merging his love for art and American muscle cars Thom started a collection of black and white illustrations called his "Flash Backs" Series. Over the years, Thom's collection grew to over 350 different Black and White Automotive prints and has sold over 500,000 prints! Nine years after his first piece, Thom SanSoucie is now one of the most prolific and widely collected automotive artists today! Thom latest project is his collection of limited edition color prints called his "AutoCity" Series which he started late 2005. These vibrant Giclee prints are distinguishable through the masterful combination of headlight glows, neon lights and tire-smoking action! Thom visions about 60 different Giclee Prints in this Series all staged within the boundaries of his imaginary city. Also adding to this collection is his "Single Car" Series which he works on in conjunction with is "AutoCity" Series. Collect all or just a select few, but once these editions are sold-out the value will surely increase as newer collectors start collecting. Don't wait to start your collection tomorrow as these are now his early pieces and will surely be the ones to own! BEST PRINTS AVAILBLE OF YOUR CLASSIC AND HOTRODS. VERY DETAILED WORK, YOU WILL BE SATISFIED. 11 X 17
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