1964-73 Mustang Cobra Oval Air Cleaners (Single Carb)

1964-73 Mustang Cobra Oval Air Cleaners (Single Carb)
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  • Item #: S1MS-9600-A
  • Manufacturer: SCOTT DRAKE
Cobra Oval Air Cleaners (Single Carb Bottom Plate) Item : S1MS-9600-A Description : Excellant reproduction of this original Shelby equipped option. Features cast aluminum top with black painted recesses, bottom plate stamped steel. 1964 Mustang (any style) 1965 Mustang (any style) 1966 Mustang (any style) 1967 Mustang (any style) 1968 Mustang (any style) 1969 Mustang (any style) 1970 Mustang (any style) 1971 Mustang (any style) 1972 Mustang (any style) 1973 Mustang (any style) 1965 Shelby (any style) 1966 Shelby (any style) 1967 Shelby (any style) 1968 Shelby (any style) 1969 Shelby (any style) 1970 Shelby (any style)
  • COBRA: cast aluminum air cleaner
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