Concourse Heater Hose (64-68)

Concourse Heater Hose (64-68)
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  • Item #: C5ZZ-18472-W
  • Manufacturer: SPECIALITY
Concourse Heater Hose Item : C5ZZ-18472-W Description : These are the exact copies, approved by Mustang Club of America. They feature the correct grooves running the length of the hose, correct colored stripe and part numbers, air conditioned cars have a 90 degree bend on one end of the hose when appropriate. Colored markings are very durable and don?t come off easily 1964 Mustang (any style) 1965 Mustang (any style) 1966 Mustang (any style) 1967 Mustang (any style) 1968 Mustang (any style)
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